• Drew Wilson

2018 Supercars - Phillip Island 500

Headed down to Phillip Island last Saturday to check out Supercars for first time in 2018. The drive down was a cold one with the fog before getting onto the island making visibility down to 200meters but once on the island it was surprising clear.

Once it was time for Supercars qualifying the sun had come out but it was still relativity cold and you could see some drivers struggling to get heat into the tyres and not getting the cars turned down at the Honda hairpin.

Come race time it looked like it was to be a cracking race between Red Bull Racing and DJR Team Penske and that's what is was. Scott McLaughlin was trailing after the pit stops but was just so much better round turn 2 and thats where he got the job done to win the race and also take the championship lead.

Full gallery of photos can be seen on facebook